Lindsay Rosenwald Taken A Step Ahead In Field Of LifeScience & HealthCare Investment

Investment Partners:

Investing in the Future of Healthcare and Life Sciences

At Investment Partners, we have a vision for an amazing future for the life science and healthcare industry. We believe in that vision so strongly that we are investing money and time to advance life sciences and biotechnology. We also believe in a strong, healthy future for human kind. With proper funding and research, we know that the quality of healthcare can be catapulted to a new and more effective level.

A Vision for the Future of Healthcare

With this vision in mind, Michael S. Weiss and Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald created Investment Partners in 2009. These men have over 40 years of combined experience in the fields of healthcare, life sciences and biotechnology investing. Both are creative thinkers who have founded a number of biotech companies over the years.

Dr. Lindsay A. Rosenwald has most recently founded Cougar Biotechnology Inc., which is a Los Angeles-based firm that focuses on the field of oncology. Cougar’s oncology portfolio includes some promising experimental drugs effective in treating numerous forms of cancer. One of those in particular has drawn the interests of researchers and investors. It has proven to work well at treating late-stage prostate cancer. Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald negotiated a deal with Johnson & Johnson for Cougar Biotech Labs at a price of approximately one billion dollars in July of 2009.

Achieving the Objectives

The objective of Lindsay Rosenwald and Investment Partners is twofold: to move forward with integrity in achieving long-term goals and short-term gains, and to build solid relationships in both the world of investing and biotechnology.  By establishing strong relationships with other industry leaders who share similar values, they believe that these goals and objectives can be obtained without the sacrifice of their principles and standards.

For Investment Partners, honest investing with full and open disclosure is more than just good business. This is a way of life. They currently work with a wide range of corporations to create a team approach to supporting emerging new businesses in an effort to reach critical goals.  Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald and Investment Partners have made a genuine commitment to discover and invest in innovative technologies in the fields of life sciences and healthcare. These pioneers of research and investment believe in a better future for us all; a future where diseases are diagnosed and treated by more effective methods.

At Investment Partners, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald, his business partners and colleagues, believe in a world where people’s lives and health are greatly improved. They believe in creating a future where mankind achieves a much stronger quality of life. Through this unique vision they are making a true difference in their world. In order to attain this dream of a better tomorrow for us all, their journey often involves providing advisory services to start-up businesses.  Sometimes it requires investing in publicly-traded companies.

Raising the Bar

Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald and Investment Partners, is working to raise the bar for investors. Their efforts include advising emerging biotechnical research facilities. They believe that a strong moral compass along with sound business principles can significantly minimize risks and thereby maximize returns for investors and so far, this unique formula is proving to be successful.

For the past 17 years, Dr. Rosenwald has been a well-respected Wall Street biotechnology entrepreneur. His business ethics have not gone unnoticed. He has, in fact, been instrumental in the founding and re-capitalization of dozens of private and public biotechnology and life-sciences companies. He earned his M.D. from the Temple University School of Medicine and his B.S. in Finance from Pennsylvania State University.

An Innovative Business Philosophy

During his impressive twenty-year career, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald has founded over fifty companies and managed the Aries Funds from 1994 through 2007 with peak assets under his management in 2000 of over $1BB dedicated to healthcare investments. During the years of 2002 through 2006, he also managed the Orion Fund, which was a committed capital fund dedicated to private investments in biotechnology, in particular PIPEs.

The philosophy behind Investment Partners will be to build a successful life science and healthcare network that plays fair and does not take short cuts to reach its goals. Dr. Rosenwald and his associates know that the world we currently live in often provides too many opportunities for business leaders to use less than ethical tactics to try to manipulate outcomes of clinical trials and hence increase quarterly earnings.

Investment Partners is a unique enterprise that continually reinforces its commitment to its employees and investors. Their promise is to deal fairly in all aspects of experimental drug trials. In the investigation and manufacture of experimental drugs, they are resolute about these vows.

The Benefits of Making the World a Better Place

The future of Investment Partners remains highly promising with Michael S. Weiss and Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald as its founders. They are utilizing their expertise in the fields of medicine and investments to effect some very real changes in the way diseases are diagnosed. They believe that the treatment of patients can be transformed.

But revolutionizing these age-old medical and healthcare techniques and procedures is no small task, nor is it for the faint of heart. In order to effect changes on such a grand scale requires commitment; it requires time and money.  It also involves a strong resolve to work hard within the ethical boundaries that other drug research companies may have discarded in favor of better profits.

Dr. Rosenwald underscores the fact that over the past few years, projected goals have already been surpassed. By applying best practices and processes, Investment Partners moves ahead earning superior, risk-adjusted returns and helping to finance and support more than 20 companies in the past two years alone.  This achievement is marked by a continuing commitment to the financial world and the world of drug research.

Credentials and Lifetime Achievements

Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald is currently a member of the Board of Directors at the Republican Jewish Coalition. He is one of the most broadly-informed and well-connected individuals in the biotechnology finance sector. The future of Investment Partners looks very promising with Dr. Rosenwald as its vanguard.

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