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Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald – A Historical Figure For Biotechnology

Lindsay RosenwaldDr. Lindsay Rosenwald graduated from the Abington High School, and then in 1973, he pursued and continued his studies at Pennsylvania State University and became a member of the business honors society of the school. He finished Bachelor and graduated his Degree in Finance in 1977. He had been dreaming to become a successful businessman and a doctor at the same time, which in the later years, came true.

He took medicine course at the Temple university right after he graduated from Pennsylvania. He practiced medicine for two and a half years. He then thought of and made a decision to pursue other studies, business. In the year 1986, he headed to Wall Street where he became an analyst and physician while making some investment grow. Lindsay Rosenwald also practiced business managing as the Managing Director of Finance of an exclusive firm for investment and finance, but it did not take years of him to stay.

To name a few companies that he is associated with are the polarx, who developed a treatment for acute leukemia, the Trisenox; Titan Pharmaceuticals who produced the treatment for schizophrenia; Sypress Bioscience who introduced Prosorba Column, a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, and Savella which can cure fibromyalgia. Another company that you may associate his name, is the Biocryst which made a treatment for influenza like H1N1, they have made the Peramivir.

Dr Lindsay Rosenwald famous is still known today by many people especially in biotechnology field. He is a successful person who has made things possible in terms of life science and medicine. He is the person behind the success of most pharmaceutical companies, a historical figure for biotechnology, and an inspiration to everybody.

Lindsay Rosenwald Promoting Biotechnology

Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald has a nearly twenty year span of promoting the biotechnical field in research and product creation. As one of the foremost entrepreneurs in biotechnology, he has founded over forty companies and given liberally to educational and research institutions in the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields. Dr. Rosenwald’s companies also provide financial backing for a number of companies working in the area of biotechnology.

For his financial work, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald is known as a venture capitalist, hedge fund manager and an investment banker. Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald used his first company established to finance other companies that he sees potential in. It is in these ventures that many important advancements in disease treatment are made possible.

Lindsay Rosenwald graduated Abington High School in Pennsylvania in 1973 and went on to study at Pennsylvania State University graduating there in 1977 with a Bachelors of Science in finance. He was a member of the prestigious Beta Gamma Sigma, a business school honor society, while attending Pennsylvania State. Next, Lindsay attended Temple University for his medical degree which he earned in 1983.

After his education, Lindsay, now entitled Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald, began his career in medicine with an internship at Abington Hospital in Pennsylvania. This was in 1984, after finishing that, Dr. Rosenwald went into private practice until 1986.He then made the move to Wall Street to become an analyst and physician, a rare career move in those days.

Many of the companies founded by Dr. Rosenwald are known for their important breakthroughs in biotechnology. One such breakthrough was the founding of the first company to be publicly traded that specialized in genetic therapies and cancer vaccines. Other real achievements were fastest FDA approval time for a medicine in the United States at one of his companies for a leukemia drug known as Arsenic Trioxide, it passed approval in under thirty months. Cougar Biotechnology, the first company to be sold even though they had only one drug which had not even been FDA approved yet, was bought by Johnson and Johnson in 2009 for one billion dollars because of its drug to treat prostate cancer.