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Lindsay Rosenwald Investing in the Future of Life Sciences and Healthcare

Investment Partners is an innovative new company with a unique vision for the future of the life science and healthcare industry. That vision includes some cutting edge technologies but also some forward thinking business philosophies.

As with all lofty visions such as this, it will take immense commitment from quality entrepreneurs to accomplish. Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald and a business acquaintance created Investment Partners in 2009 with the idea of combining their 40 years of experience and business acumen working toward revolutionizing the fields of healthcare, life sciences and biotechnology investing. Both these men are well equipped to do this job and have already founded a number of biotech companies over the years.

With so much at stake, Investment Partners along with Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald, is working toward making those leaps to advance and even transform the world of life sciences and biotechnology investing. Rosenwald, along with his team at Investment Partners, believe in a future where mankind significantly improves the quality of healthcare, as well as healthcare investing.

Advancements in the Future of Healthcare

Recently, Dr. Lindsay A. Rosenwald founded Cougar Biotechnology Inc. This Los Angeles-based company focuses on the field of oncology. Their oncology portfolio includes some very promising experimental drugs, which are proving to be effective in treating numerous forms of cancer.

One in particular has caused some excitement and drawn the interests of researchers and investors. It is a new drug that has been proven to work well at treating late-stage prostate cancer. In July of 2009, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald was able to negotiate a deal with Johnson & Johnson for Cougar Biotech Labs at a price of approximately one billion dollars.

Realizing the Objectives

Lindsay Rosenwald and Investment Partners believe they can continue to move forward with projects like these that alter healthcare significantly and produce results for the greater good of mankind. They achieve these goals with integrity, building solid relationships in both the world of investing and biotechnology.

Establishing robust relationships with other industry leaders who share similar values is a hallmark of the business strategy of both Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald and Investment Partners. They believe in reaching goals and objectives through honesty, integrity and hard work. Their success has proven that you can obtain these objectives without the sacrifice of principles and standards. Honest investing with full and open disclosure is more than just good business for Investment Partners. This is the ideology they live by.

Creating New Partnerships for a Better Tomorrow

Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald and Investment Partners currently work with a wide range of businesses and organizations to create a team approach for the support of emerging new businesses. They are making great strides toward building a powerful network of like-minded individuals who all possess a genuine commitment to discover and invest in innovative technologies in the fields of life sciences and healthcare.

With pioneers such as these in the areas of research and investment, you can be sure that the future of healthcare and life sciences will continue to flourish. These days, the medical field is well-aware of its need for diseases of all types to be diagnosed and treated by more effective methods. At Investment Partners, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald, his business partners and colleagues, know that the dream can become a reality with hard work and dedication.

The dream of a better tomorrow continues to be the fuel that fires this vision of a much stronger quality of life for us all. And this unique vision of making a true difference in the world has become a driving force for Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald and Investment Partners. History shows that dreams like this always take time, money and hard work, plus dedication from those involved.

Raising the Bar for Investors

Over the course of this journey, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald and Investment Partners must often provide advisory services to start-up businesses. At times they also must invest in publicly-traded companies in order to move the vision forward.

One of their key objectives is to raise the bar for all investors. Whether working in the advisory capacity with emerging biotechnical research facilities or actually investing, Investment follows a strong moral compass. With sound business principles like these, the risks can be significantly minimized and the returns for investors maximized. This unique formula has proven successful beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Utilizing Ethical Business Practices

The philosophy behind Investment Partners is to build a positive and effective life science and healthcare network that plays fair and won’t take short cuts to reach its goals. Dr. Rosenwald knows from experience, that today’s world often provides many opportunities for business leaders to use less than ethical tactics to try and manipulate outcomes of clinical trials with an eye toward greater quarterly earnings. Does the end justify the means?

At Investment Partners, the answer is a resounding no! This unique enterprise continually reinforces its commitment to its employees and investors to conduct business with higher standards than many of days gone by. In the investigation and manufacture of experimental drugs, they are resolute about this commitment to honest, above-board business dealings.

A Long and Fruitful Career

The future of Investment Partners remains highly promising with Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald and his business partner as its founders. They are utilizing their expertise in the fields of medicine and investments to effect some very real changes in the way diseases are diagnosed. They believe that the treatment of patients can be transformed.

Dr. Rosenwald, a well-respected Wall Street biotechnology entrepreneur, has worked for the past 17 years utilizing strong business ethics in the founding and re-capitalization of dozens of private and public biotechnology and life-sciences companies. He earned his M.D. from the Temple University School of Medicine and his B.S. in Finance from Pennsylvania State University.

Throughout an impressive twenty-year career, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald has established over fifty companies. He also managed the Aries Funds from 1994 through 2007 with peak assets under his management in 2000 of over $1BB dedicated to healthcare investments. From 2002 to 2006, he managed the Orion Fund, which was a committed capital fund dedicated to private investments in biotechnology, in particular PIPEs.

Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald is currently a member of the Board of Directors at the Republican Jewish Coalition. He is one of the most broadly-informed and well-connected individuals in the biotechnology finance sector. The future of Investment Partners indeed looks promising with Dr. Rosenwald at its helm.

Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald – A Historical Figure For Biotechnology

Lindsay RosenwaldDr. Lindsay Rosenwald graduated from the Abington High School, and then in 1973, he pursued and continued his studies at Pennsylvania State University and became a member of the business honors society of the school. He finished Bachelor and graduated his Degree in Finance in 1977. He had been dreaming to become a successful businessman and a doctor at the same time, which in the later years, came true.

He took medicine course at the Temple university right after he graduated from Pennsylvania. He practiced medicine for two and a half years. He then thought of and made a decision to pursue other studies, business. In the year 1986, he headed to Wall Street where he became an analyst and physician while making some investment grow. Lindsay Rosenwald also practiced business managing as the Managing Director of Finance of an exclusive firm for investment and finance, but it did not take years of him to stay.

To name a few companies that he is associated with are the polarx, who developed a treatment for acute leukemia, the Trisenox; Titan Pharmaceuticals who produced the treatment for schizophrenia; Sypress Bioscience who introduced Prosorba Column, a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, and Savella which can cure fibromyalgia. Another company that you may associate his name, is the Biocryst which made a treatment for influenza like H1N1, they have made the Peramivir.

Dr Lindsay Rosenwald famous is still known today by many people especially in biotechnology field. He is a successful person who has made things possible in terms of life science and medicine. He is the person behind the success of most pharmaceutical companies, a historical figure for biotechnology, and an inspiration to everybody.

Lindsay Rosenwald Promoting Biotechnology

Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald has a nearly twenty year span of promoting the biotechnical field in research and product creation. As one of the foremost entrepreneurs in biotechnology, he has founded over forty companies and given liberally to educational and research institutions in the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields. Dr. Rosenwald’s companies also provide financial backing for a number of companies working in the area of biotechnology.

For his financial work, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald is known as a venture capitalist, hedge fund manager and an investment banker. Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald used his first company established to finance other companies that he sees potential in. It is in these ventures that many important advancements in disease treatment are made possible.

Lindsay Rosenwald graduated Abington High School in Pennsylvania in 1973 and went on to study at Pennsylvania State University graduating there in 1977 with a Bachelors of Science in finance. He was a member of the prestigious Beta Gamma Sigma, a business school honor society, while attending Pennsylvania State. Next, Lindsay attended Temple University for his medical degree which he earned in 1983.

After his education, Lindsay, now entitled Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald, began his career in medicine with an internship at Abington Hospital in Pennsylvania. This was in 1984, after finishing that, Dr. Rosenwald went into private practice until 1986.He then made the move to Wall Street to become an analyst and physician, a rare career move in those days.

Many of the companies founded by Dr. Rosenwald are known for their important breakthroughs in biotechnology. One such breakthrough was the founding of the first company to be publicly traded that specialized in genetic therapies and cancer vaccines. Other real achievements were fastest FDA approval time for a medicine in the United States at one of his companies for a leukemia drug known as Arsenic Trioxide, it passed approval in under thirty months. Cougar Biotechnology, the first company to be sold even though they had only one drug which had not even been FDA approved yet, was bought by Johnson and Johnson in 2009 for one billion dollars because of its drug to treat prostate cancer.